Chief Rangers for the National Park Service

Dear Ms. Waters:

As a group, the Chief Rangers for the National Park Service for both the Northeast (Maine to Virginia) and National Capital Regions (100) have historically met every spring for our mandated law enforcement in-service training. The location varies, but we look for a location that is both affordable as well as attractive to the participants. Many of the participants bring their families and make it a mini vacation, or at least extend on one of the weekends. We have met everywhere from Annapolis to the Nemacolin Resort in Pennsylvania. The better the location the better the turn out, the better the turn out the more successful we are as a unit.

For the last 9 years I have been one of 2-3 people that has been responsible for identifying a suitable location as well as facilitating the logistics. It is often like herding cats. It is tough to please everyone, and even tougher to please the people in our budget offices.

This past spring however we approached The Harrison Group, as Kim Mueller had an ongoing correspondence with our office over the past 3 years. After doing an early site visit and working through some of our financial challenges we selected your Holiday Inn Oceanfront location, and we are very glad that we did.

From the start it was nothing but a pleasure to work with Kim Mueller. She went out of her way at every step of the way to work with us to insure success, and often with the government that takes significant effort.

Kim Mueller was able to work out a pricing schedule that not only passed muster with our budget office but insured that the participants received top rate accommodations at a great location.

From the feedback that we received post trip we got nothing but rave reviews from every participant. This had never happened before, at least during my tenure.

Kim Mueller and the entire hotel staff were nothing less than outstanding, from your bartenders to the support staff. Kim made herself available virtually 24 hours a day throughout the week, and when little issues arose all it took was a single telephone call to Kim and they were quickly resolved.

As a group we couldn't have had a better, nor successful, nor a more enjoyable training week, thanks to the incredible efforts of Kim Mueller and the rest of your staff.

Sincerely, Chief Rangers

–August 8, 2011
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